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Authentic Brazilian food

Premium cuts (the most popular being picanha, or rump cap) are seasoned with no more than a liberal shake of coarse salt, before being grilled to pink perfection over charcoal, all manner of meats on skewers, from pork to lamb, will be sliced by passadores straight onto your plate

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How It Works

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Take a seat

Have a seat and relax while your host explains our exciting dining experience.

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Flip your card

When you’re ready, turn your card green side up to let the passador know you are ready to order!

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Select your meat

Choose from many different cuts of meat, including beef, pork and poultry, brought straight to your table, sliced and served by the passador.

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Take a break

Need a break? flip the card to the red side until you are ready for more!

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The best 'til last

To end your meal try one of our delicious dessert, enjoy a liqueur and seal with a bika.

Food that makes you dance!

Eating in Samba Brazil is an absolute pleasure. Just like the country itself, Brazilian cuisine is vibrant, colourful, diverse and exciting.

Brazil is a vast country and the food varies greatly from region to region. The typical food of Brazil has many influences with a huge impact of the Portuguese but has also been influenced by other European, African, South American and Asian countries. Combined with the range of food which is produced in the native farms, mountains and coastlines, traditional Brazilian food is rich and delicious.

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